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Each body holds the key to its own healing. As a Board Certified Nurse Coach, I provide the treatments, resources, and tools necessary to unlock the innate potential each of us holds inside. I work to create a safe and compassionate environment for you to discover what will help you lead a healthier and more balanced life. I support you in reaching your healing potential which is the optimal level of well-being as YOU define it.

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Do you want to feel better in mind, body, and spirit? Are you sick and tired of the healthcare system treating you as a generic, one-size-fits all body? Would you like to look at areas in your life in a more holistic way? I am a medically trained, forward-thinking nurse and offer health and wellness coaching to meet any needs you may have. As your Holistic RN, together we will remove any barriers standing in the way of your overall health.

 As your Transformative Nurse/Coach I: view clients as creative, resilient, resourceful, and innately well; recognize clients are the experts of their own life and empower you to take personal responsibility for your health and wellbeing; utilize inquiry as the intervention; promote and facilitate growth and healing throughout the lifespan; support you to make lasting lifestyle changes; focus on the wellness of the whole person – mind, body, spirit, emotion, and environment; work with clients to set and progress toward their goals, evaluate their progress, celebrate successes, and learn from feedback; leverage clients strength to create possibility and choice in their lives; recognize that you already have innate wisdom and healing within you; seek to create health and wellness from the inside out; help clients break the chains of over-dependence, overwhelm, and disconnection. 

Nursing is the first licensed profession to offer board certification in the field of coaching.

What you can expect: a one-on-one coaching session either in person or online/phone which guides you in reaching your health, wellness, and life goals. A compassionate and safe space to explore anything that aims to improve your quality of life. Know that you have a trusted friend and nurse by your side as your champion. You will find that I listen intently to your needs as you explore all of your thoughts and ideas. We then co-create action steps to help you reach your goals. 

*Please note: I am currently in school studying for my board exam and certification and will be seeking practice clients to work with. If this service interests you, please contact me using the information below!



As a Board Certified Nurse-Coach, I work with you to achieve your health and wellbeing goals. It can be stressful trying to manage the demands of today’s medical system while also staying true to nature and your body. I am here to help bridge the gap between medicine and healing.

I invite you to become the creator of your own life empowering you with the belief, clarity, and accountability required for change.

I support you in making lasting lifestyle changes and focus on the wellbeing of the whole person – mind, body, spirit, environment, and emotion.

This coaching service with Nurse Kylie is for you if: 

You’re tired of symptom management and quick fixes, and want to engage in holistic wellness and create  lasting lifestyle changes.

I meet you where you are to co-create a powerful vision for where you WANT to be and then coach you through that gap. Together we facilitate transformative change from the inside out. I help you discover what you truly want from your life and co-create a roadmap to get there.

Initial 2 hour coaching session – FREE

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Already established clients looking to continue reaching more and better health goals.

Less pill pushing, more wellness promotion. Mindfulness, plant-based nutrition, deep coaching, alternative healing modalities, and the list goes on and on.

To live a vibrant life, we all need holistic support. And as a Holistic Health Nurse/Coach, that guidance and accountability – from exercise and nutrition to relationships, career, and spirituality – is exactly what I offer clients.

In the Transformative Coaching Membership with Nurse Coach Kylie, you will receive 2 coaching sessions per month, unlimited and timely email communication, one additional 20 minute coaching session (for emergencies or updates between sessions), PLUS access to her premium members-only newsletter. (You may cancel your membership at any time.)

6 month membership – $325 charged monthly

1 year membership  – $300 charged monthly (must commit to a full year)

If you would like Nurse/Coach Kylie to take you through a personalized journey alongside one of her handcrafted courses, you may opt for the “Portal Package”. This includes 6 months of specifically curated course content with 1:1 coaching calls to help walk you through it and give you support. To add to your coaching experience, you may want to consider this great tool!

6 month Portal Package – $5000 (included is access to the hand selected course best suited for your goals, unlimited email access, and bi-weekly coaching calls)



I not only work with anyone who wants to take back control of their health and wellness goals, but also with fellow nurses! I have a passion for helping the healers on the world. Who should know better how to take care of themselves than healthcare workers! Doing this work is hard and we so often don’t take the steps we need to keep our own health in check. Set yourself up for greatness in mind, body, and spirit so you can show up to your patients full of health and vitality.

If you know of a healthcare organization that could benefit from group coaching sessions led by Nurse/Coach Kylie, please reach out!

Initial 2 hour session – FREE

60 minute follow-up sessions – $100

3 months (4 sessions/month) – $980 paid in full

6 months (4 sessions/month) – $1950 paid in full

Group Coaching!


Not ready to commit to a one-on-one coaching session yet? No worries! Nurse/Coach Kylie offers group coaching sessions in a much less intimate environment. This way you can get to know what coaching feels like in a group environment consisting of your peers. This gives you the opportunity to be involved with many others on a similar journey. These group coaching sessions are led by the groups most common goals and will help set you up for success in many areas of your life. Each week will be a different topic and you all get to share where you are struggling while Nurse Kylie provides space for healing and an informative learning environment.

Session dates and times – TBD (weekly x4 weeks)

Drop-in coaching session – $35/class

We accept cash, checks, all major credit cards, and venmo or cashapp.

Gift certificates also available!

For more information regarding any of the services listed above, please contact Kylie at harmonizethelight@gmail.com

Or call/text (636) 345-4013

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“When you know better, you do better.”

Maya Angelou


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