My Story

Growing up, I struggled with depression and anxiety (with recurrent panic attacks), my stress levels were debilitating, and even suffered body dysmorphia to the point of eating disorders. For so long I believed I WAS my body. I had a rough time all throughout adolescence and into my college years but through these challenges I discovered meditation and mindfulness and I came to understand the deeper meaning in my life. I opened my mind and heart to something greater than my ego and became focused on serving others more powerfully.

I went to nursing school because I wanted to help people heal. It was during my time in nursing school I began having uncontrolled anxiety. Those panic attacks and struggling in school were the catalyst for me to seek out meditation. My instructor gave me the tools I needed to stop suffering and get out of my own head. I gained control over my thoughts and racing mind and was better able to focus. Nursing school became easier and I graduated top of my class and passed my boards with ease.

After some time in my nursing career, I learned what was really going on…and it wasn’t true healing. I was in a crossroads of wanting to leave the field altogether while still knowing in my heart that people need healing and that I could provide it to them.

I discovered Reiki and realized it had been flowing through me my entire life. I became certified in Reiki Level 1 in 2018, and attuned to Levels 1 and 2 in 2019. I received Reiki Master Status in December of 2019. Helping people by way of energy healing is a true passion of mine. I continue to learn all types of energy healing methods and modalities to create a unique experience for all my clients.

With the help of my Psychology minor, I came to believe that mindfulness and paying attention to our thoughts is a HUGE piece of the overall health experience. I began teaching mindfulness and meditation after 6 years of practicing and studying myself.

Once I understood the importance of a healthy lifestyle on the mind-body-spirit connection, I yearned to teach it to others. When I knew traditional nursing wasn’t going to cut it for me and that there was a more comprehensive way to help heal people, I looked for the resolution to health and healing. I knew it was to look at the person HOLISTICALLY and that’s when I found Nurse Coaching. I graduated from an accredited Nurse Coaching program and am now a Health and Wellness Nurse Coach – Board Certified (HWNC-BC). I guide others to practice health and wellness and improve the quality of life for themselves and, in turn, humanity. Through my coaching expertise you will find clarity and passion for life and all it has to offer – and you’ll feel great!

These are the things that saved me and I only want to help others on their journey to finding true happiness and joy while at the same time sustaining great health in mind, body, and spirit. If you’re struggling, I’m here to tell you there IS a way out. You have the power to step out of the darkness and I can help you take the first of many steps. I’ve walked this journey before and I can show you the way out. It starts with you and with one decision…to act.

My life purpose statement reads: Through my enthusiastic leadership and compassion, may I guide and inspire others to practice living healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

I’m so glad you found me and I can’t wait to help you. Remember: I’ll listen.

Are you ready to take the next step?

My name is Kylie Chebahtah, BSN, RN, Reiki Master, HWNC-BC. I am your Board Certified Health and Wellness Nurse Coach and Energy Healer. I envision a world where everyone is living their best, healthiest, most fulfilling life; free from pain and suffering; and operating at their highest potential.

After discovering mindfulness practices, meditation, exercise, yoga, success principles, and the power of healthy eating, I became totally engrossed in healing my life holistically. Each part is not separate from the rest – it’s all connected! 

My purpose is to provide a space for listening and transformation. I am here for you.


Harmonize the Light, LLC is a member of the Mid County Chamber of Commerce in St. Louis, MO

Harmonize the Light, LLC has completed WIBO training.

Kylie Chebahtah is insured through the Energy Medicine Professional Association.

Kylie is a member of the International Association of REIKI Professionals since 2019.

Kylie is a member of Healing
Touch Professional Association.