This posting is inspired by a definition of authenticity I heard recently by Brene Brown. She writes that, through her research, she found this to be the most accurate definition of authenticity: “the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are” (Brown, 2010, p 50). I love this definition because it correlates so well with my own over-simplified version which reads: “showing up and being your true self”. When we act in accordance with who we truly are on the deepest level (instead of all the layers that society, parents, community, teachers, culture, etc. have imposed upon us), we are more able to be present because less work is needed to uphold the image that was created around us. We need to stop trying so hard to uphold that image! When we show up authentically, we are able to stop caring what others want for us and be genuine to those around us. This is an art and comes with daily practice, like Brene said. So start letting go, and step into the real you.

Keep showing up…authentically,