The breath is the most important function we have at our disposal. Breath is the first thing that brings us into this life and is the last thing we do on this earth. Think of when the doctor spanks the baby after birth and someone’s final breath before they pass on. Breath is what anchors us to the here and now of our physical life on planet earth. It’s the most powerful tool we have. And here’s the best part: we can control it! The science supports this – a simple breath practice can dramatically shift our heart rate, blood pressure, attitudes, thoughts, and mood. 

As a nurse, I know the important role oxygenation plays in our tissues and brain function. We get nutrients to the lungs, which goes to the heart, and then the whole body. Taking 3 deep breaths down into the belly and releasing slowly through pursed lips when we feel overwhelmed or anxious can literally cure the feelings of anxiety. You will feel more centered and your thoughts will begin to slow down. Do this as many times as you need to! It can take you from a place of anger, to a place of contentment. When you feel that surge of rage: think “3 deep breaths”, then inhale very slowly and exhale very slowly. You will feel the effects immediately. You can do this anywhere at any time. You don’t need medications, special candles, or calming sprays… simply focus on your breath and turn inward for 3 cycles.

Just breathe,