Control issues

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It’s quite amusing to think about the actual amount of control we have over life. On a cosmic scale, we have very little. The seemingly important day to day decisions we make give us the illusion that we are in control but that is simply the ego doing what the ego does. The mind will continue to take information and categorize it. Thus, our normal daily actions will continue to be taken care of. But when we consider a couple of my favorite mantras like “everything is as it should be”, “everything is happening around me and I am truly taken care of ” (credit: Gabby Bernstein) or even “the universe is for me and so is everything else” (credit: Yoga with Adriene) we can see that those decision we make are small and (comparatively) insignificant.  As long as we are living in alignment with our purpose and serving our life mission, the universe will take care of us and we don’t need to control anything. In fact, the more we force things, the harder life is. That’s where we find out we have “control issues”. If we can learn to surrender control and “go with the flow” letting go and living an easeful life, we will be much happier and much less stressed. And isn’t that something everything can resonate with?? 

Let go and enjoy,