Handle your to-do’s in an extremely effective way to decrease stress!

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If life is stressing you out and you want to have more structure for getting all your tasks accomplished, then check out this hot tip!

Does the amount of stuff you have to do stress you out? With no good way of handling it all in a timely manner? Do you lack structure? And in need of an organizational overhaul?

Anxiety is probably getting the best of you and making you feel exhausted and even less likely to work on the things that need to get done. You’re stressed out and you just want to curl up in a ball under the covers and never come out because it’s all SO overwhelming!

If this scenario describes you…
Many of us lack the organizational structure to get things done in an effective, stress-free way.

And I was one of those people.

I was struggling with saying “Yes” to too many things and then having anxiety attacks over the stress it caused me. The good news is…there is hope! There is a way to categorize all this and, thus, have a clearer mind and be more productive.

Try this tip to handle your to-do’s in an extremely effective way:
1. Have a dedicated spot to write down ALL your “to-dos”. It can be a note on your phone, a physical sheet of paper, whiteboard in your kitchen, etc. just a dumping ground for all your projects, ideas, trips, and plans.
2. Then, once per week (preferably on a weekend), set aside an hour or two one day to work on the items from your list. do what you can, delegate what you can’t, and save some for later.
Remember: You don’t have to do it all! Maybe you tackle 5 things a day. Maybe you only get 3 things off the list one day because they were extra time consuming. And maybe one day, you rest. It’s all good. Know your limits!

Feeling like you are in control, and that these things will no longer obsessively run across your mind, knowing that they will get done… that’s what we want. You will decrease the amount of stress you feel when things come up because you know you have a way to process them. You will feel a greater sense of accomplishment each week as you check things off your list. You will overcome stress AND boost your productivity if you put this into practice, I promise.

I’ve got plenty more tips on how to handle your to-do’s in an extremely effective way while also decreasing stress!

Work with me and discover ways to manage stress AND increase productivity. I help you get out of your own head and take a birds-eye view of all the elements in your life. It helps to have a coach on your side to keep pushing you and helping you with each next step toward wholeness.
I help overwhelmed young adults get their life together in my 3 month coaching program – CLARITY.

Coaching with me can help you get clear on where you need the most support and then start achieving your goals!

Kylie Chebahtah, BSN, RN, HWNC-BC