My Reiki Process – what to expect from a session

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Energy healing came into my life and hit me like a truck.

Before Reiki, I was in an unusual spot in my life. I knew I wanted to do more healing work than my current role as a Registered Nurse (RN). And I was feeling out of alignment. I knew that I was missing something, or that the healthcare system was keeping something from me. Turns out, it was both!

I always knew about energy and could always feel and sense the energy in a room immediately. My role was always to make it habitable. (sometimes to the detriment of myself)

A friend once asked me during a hug, “Do you know about Reiki?” I told her no and that I had never heard of that. Her response was, “You’ve gotta look into it. You’re a natural healer!” 

It definitely piqued my interest. Back in 2017 I had never heard of such a thing! An energy healer? What does that even mean??

That’s when I began my journey into Reiki and other forms of energy healing.

I started my Reiki Journey in 2018 and worked on it for about a year learning from all kinds of teachers to be sure I was well rounded in my technique. (Read more about my story HERE>>>) I became a Reiki Master/Teacher in December of 2019. I did all of this while I was still working as a bedside RN. 

Shortly after this time I had also discovered the Healing Touch Program. This is an evidence-based energy healing curriculum for healthcare professionals and those who wish to learn a systematized method of energy healing. 

I also educated myself and learned a lot from the works of Caroline Myss, Barbara Brennan, and Donna Eden’s methods. All of these teachers and experiences gave me my own unique way to perform energy healings. 

While Reiki is very traditional yet intuitive (read more about Reiki HERE>>>), I found the Healing Touch program to be more systematized. This is a form of healing created by a Registered Nurse. She developed the sequences after many years of studying the effects of energy healing on the human body. I consider Healing Touch to be the West’s version of Reiki. It’s widely accepted in hospitals and more healthcare professionals are familiar with this type of energy work as opposed to Reiki (which comes from the East).

I was so blown away by the profound effects this type of healing work was having on others. All of this knowledge and insight influenced me so much that I left bedside nusing to pursue alternative healing. Thus, Harmonize the Light, LLC was born. 

The beauty of having the knowledge of both Reiki AND Healing Touch (plus extra from the supplemental books and self-taught techniques), is that I create a customized session based on your healing needs. My sessions are led predominately by intuition. We discuss what’s going on in your life right now and what you would like your intention for the session to be. I then begin (usually at the head) and start to move down the body in a hands-on or hands-off fashion (or a combination of both!). Whatever is needing attention gets it. Sometimes it’s a traditional Reiki session, and sometimes I use other methods or techniques. Sometimes it’s a blend. You can expect to have a very relaxing experience no matter what happens. My goal is for you to be 100% more relaxed when you leave the office than when you came in.

I’ve studied the Chakras and energy pathways of the body and I’m well versed in the use of crystals. Sometimes I do an assessment of the chakras to see if any are in particular need of care, and sometimes I don’t feel it’s necessary. Sometimes I use crystals, and sometimes I don’t. It’s all based on what the client is presenting with and what my intuition and chakra assessment (if used) tell me. 

I’m also a big fan of essential oils! They have the ability to raise the frequency of energy. Before the client comes in, I use my intuition to choose which oil will go in the diffuser (usually an uplifting blend or a relaxing blend) and then when the client is on the table and have stated their intention, I use that information plus my intuition to choose an oil that I think will best support them. I rub it on my hands and then usually on their chest. Sometimes I drop a few drops on the sheet by their head, sometimes I waft it around their energy body/aura. It all depends on the specific client I have in front of me. (And if you wish to purhcase a particular oil that perhaps was used during the session, they are available)

No two sessions look alike. Every session is unique. This is true between clients and for multiple sessions with the same client. 

Clean sheets are always laid out for you, soft ambient music is intuitively selected prior to your arrival, and a small water feature is running in the background. You can expect me to place a soft eye mask over your eyes as the session progresses. I aim to provide the most relaxing experience possible. Because you are taking an hour to 90 minutes out of your day to spend this time with yourself, I want to make it amazing! 

Receiving energy work is an ultimate act of self care because it shows your body (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual) that you care. My aim in doing this work is to bring the body and spirit into harmony and balance. 

During a session, anything that no longer serves you is invited to leave. We thank the energies and give them permission to be transmuted into something greater. I don’t like to qualify energy as “negative” or “positive” so you will not hear me say “You had some negative energy and we got rid of it”. Rather, I will gently tell you that the time is up and invite you back to the room once the session has ended. You are instructed to take your time sitting up and I perform one final grounding technique on you.

After the session, I will most likely ask you how you are feeling and how the session went for you and then share with you what I experienced during the session, if you wish. I find debriefing to be a necessary part of the healing process. You can expect a cold glass of water to help ground you back into the world. I also provide you with a list of Post-Reiki Tips to take home and review.


I encourage clients to book another session for 2-4 weeks out. This way, the work we did during your session has time to integrate and you don’t lose the momentum. Because the energy field is much like a muscle in the body after massage, it can become “tense” again fairly quickly especially if you don’t have strong energy protection strategies in place. It is wise to make Reiki a part of your self-care routine, budget for it, and stay committed to it. Because when we let our energy fields get out of balance, we feel that (mentally and physically) and it manifests in all other areas of our life. I offer a discount for multiple sessions bought at once. See details on the Self-Care Package HERE>>>

To book your energy healing session SEE THIS LINK>>>

And if you are still interested but want to know more, BOOK YOUR FREE REIKI CONSULTATION HERE>>>   I offer a free mini sample session so you can see if it’s something that will help you.


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Reiki and energy healing. I hope whoever reads this is inspired to try a session, even if it’s not from myself. Reiki heals. And when we heal ourselves we are healing the world at large.