To praise and blame is a funny thing. When we are seeking praise, we can’t help but feel blame too. They are two sides of the same coin. We can’t have one without the other. Like the old adage goes “what goes up must come down”.  If we go on seeking praise from others, we will drive ourselves mad! Seek it from within and you will find that you have all you need. If we think someone else “out there” is going to give us what we want or make us feel secure….think again! “Out there” – the external world, the physical representation of time and space – will not give us what we desire. That only comes from within. When we meditate and go beneath the chatter of the mind, beneath the clamor for praise and beneath the pain that comes from feeling blamed or hurt, we find the true self…seated at peace, all calm. That is the place we want to come from each day where praise and blame do not exist. In this way, we show up authentically and have no room for the ups and downs that come with ego strokes. We can simply “be”.

“Be” with me,