Darby D. - 23 - St. Louis, MO

“When I started my coaching sessions with Kylie, I was about to embark on a very transitional point in my life. I was in the process of leaving my current job, looking for a new one, moving to a new city 200 miles away, and studying for the entrance exam for medical school. My goals for coaching were to get clarity on my future and learn how to deal with immense anxiety I was feeling amidst all that was going on. Throughout our sessions, Kylie was very adamant about the client-lead approach to coaching, which was incredibly effective, especially for me! She asked questions that lead me to solve my own problems, as well as peppering in wonderful advice, educational materials, and documentaries. The most wonderful part about working with Kylie was her very obvious passion and encouragement for me as a client. When I met my goals she was so excited for me and she truly cared about my well-being. She contacted me nearly daily to make sure I was following through with me goals, which really held me accountable for the promises I made to myself. By the end of our coaching, I had so many new tools to combat anxiety, new skills in mindfulness and meditation, a true love for myself, and so much motivation that I can truly achieve my goals. I’ve discovered that small changes day to day will create habits that will make me so successful and make my life more meaningful. I would recommend Kylie’s coaching to anyone who feels overwhelmed, or anyone who wants to build life-changing habits and make a wonderful friend and cheerleader in the process. Thank you for everything Kylie!!!”

Joe P. - 26 - St. Louis, MO

“Before I started working with Kylie, I was consumed in a negative environment and not knowing which direction to take to get myself out. My mother was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer, I moved in the middle of a global pandemic with already low finances & mental health issues. Our coaching sessions were like the jump start my life needed to start taking action, stop being a victim, and truly go after what I want in life. I began to start taking care of myself and now I am freely setting goals and achieving them. Working with you was enlightening to say the least. I could tell you are passionate about your work. When we talked, you would listen to me and pick away the details of what I was really trying to say that I wanted from life. What I like most about our coaching relationship was that is was like a mix between business and a therapy vibe. You would not allow me to slack off or lie to myself. You made me dig deep down into my soul and listen to what I had been trying to tell myself. I started to love myself again and take care of myself before everyone else. I stopped lying to myself on what I really want and now I go after it without excuses. I have organized my life and examined the weak points that need to be fixed. I have earned two IT certifications. I have become more relaxed about life and less in a hurry. Also, & most importantly, you have to get to know yourself and love yourself. You are the number one person you should never lie to, give up on, or betray. I would recommend Kylie’s coaching to anyone who seems lost on their path in life right now, feels they need someone to push them to start, or help them finish that last lap in their race.”

Patrina L. - 44 - St. Louis, MO

“Before I started working with Kylie I was a huge procrastinator. I had no huge set goals other than I wanted to start a business. My finances were not in order and I just spent money wherever and whenever I saw fit. My health has not been the best and not to mention my undependable memory.  I basically had a lackadaisical way of living. Her holistic approach to my situation has put me on a fast track to success. She dug deep to find my strengths and weaknesses and use them to create a unique plan for me. She also listened to me and helped me realize I had some of the solutions to my own shortcomings. I love the memory plan I’m on. My children now use it too! My health is improving, my finances are falling into place with the budget plan, I am so happy with the outlook on my future. In such a short time she gave me great results. An amazing person to work with and very knowledgeable. I recommend her to my friends, family and anyone who is ready for a change in life or if you feel stuck in any stage of life.”

Emma C. - 25 - Rochester, MN

“I had gone through several massive transitions before getting into coaching: a career change, yoga teacher training, shifting my focus on healing, getting into meditation and self-study. And then at the start of coaching, COVID hit and I went through a move. My life at the beginning of coaching was a tangle of things I knew needed to change but I wasn’t even sure where to begin. I had made a lot of positive changes so I knew I could do it but really needed an outside view of what was going on. Nurse coaching with Kylie provided me with an opportunity to start at the foundation- she guided me to what was really going to affect every other aspect of my goals, which was a consistent meditation and self-study practice. I didn’t even know that that was where I needed to begin until we explored what was important in my life and what made me happy. Kylie made me feel listened to and validated the work I had put into my life to create my own happiness. Her expertise in incorporating meditation into daily life benefitted not just my mental health but my mindset surrounding my diet, my relationship with my partner, and my future career goals. She challenged me to think deeper and deeper. The biggest thing I learned was that the wisdom IS inside me and going through the coaching process taught me how to dig for it! I would definitely recommend Kylie as a Nurse Coach to other nurses and healthcare professionals, ANYONE who works with people and need to have their own cup filled!”


D'Borah L. - 39 - St. Louis, MO

“Kylie is a delightful energy to work with. I had a thousand ideas “scrambling” in this head of mine. I was just chipping away a little here and there. I have now redirected my focus, broken them down and able to prioritize them better. I have a better understanding of how my energy (whether being proactive or reactive) will impact my surroundings. I have to remain mindful of this at all times. Speaking some things out loud brought about a different perspective in many areas. I am thankful for the time she devoted to me, allowing me to shift through and prioritize things so I can move forward with my visions. The CLEAN & OH SO RELAXING ATMOSPHERE was a bonus. And the pleasant aromas that greet and keep you company during your visit are always appreciated! I would recommend her services to anyone looking to get out of their own way!!! And this applies to life period. She listened and was HONEST when giving feedback. We crossed paths when we needed to. I am appreciative of Kylie and Harmonize the Light!!! 

Harmonize the Light helped me Harmonize my Life :)”



Sean B. - 28 - Chicago, IL

My Reiki session with Kylie was amazing! I felt very refreshed after the session and my body felt totally relaxed. I felt all negative energy leave my body and I was completely recharged, ready to take on anything! Definitely would recommend. 10/10

Megan G. - 27 - Troy, IL

“I had my first Reiki experience with Kylie and admittedly was a skeptic going in.  I was blown away by how relaxing it was, and replenished I felt afterwards. She put me completely at ease, and talked me through the entire session. I would without hesitation recommend Kylie to anyone interested in Reiki, especially first timers, as her approach is extremely welcoming, educating and calming.”

Kennedy S. - 21 - St. Louis, MO

My experience with Kylie was an eye opening one. I’m beyond excited to say that this was my first reiki session and I walked away feeling calm and balanced. She walked me through the entire process and what I should expect during and after the session which made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Her hands are undoubtedly those of a healer. I felt her energy transfer to me and instantly felt all the tension I’d built up begin releasing from my body. Her hands are AMAZING. I felt great walking away but I also felt the benefits more and more throughout the week.


Emily K. - 31 - St. Louis, MO

I had a completely miraculous experience with Kylie during a Reiki session. Up until this point, I had experienced Reiki as a spiritual practice and for emotional and mental well being. However, it was during a session with Kylie that I know  I experienced a physical healing. 

      I had recently been hiking and suffered a plague of tick bites. I had counted 53 bites all over my body. I had already completed 2 weeks of antibiotics to prevent Lyme disease, but I felt like I had been poisoned. It felt like some kind of allergic reaction. I was covered in itchy red rashes, I was exhausted, my neck felt stiff, and just generally fatigued. 
     During this session, I felt like I had gone into a deep meditation or trance. I felt especially relaxed. Then I felt a physical spasm in my stomach. It wasn’t painful, just like a jolt. And it seemed like I could feel the toxins leaving my body. My mind completely cleared of thoughts, and my relaxation deepened even further than before. 
     That was truly the end of my Lyme disease symptoms. Yes, I took a holistic approach, but the symptoms were so persistent and could have lasted 6 more months to a year. I am fully convinced that Kylie and Reiki, in that specific  moment, healed me.”

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without”


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