Sean B. - 28 - Chicago, IL

My Reiki session with Kylie was amazing! I felt very refreshed after the session and my body felt totally relaxed. I felt all negative energy leave my body and I was completely recharged, ready to take on anything! Definitely would recommend. 10/10

Megan G. - 27 - Troy, IL

“I had my first Reiki experience with Kylie and admittedly was a skeptic going in.  I was blown away by how relaxing it was, and replenished I felt afterwards. She put me completely at ease, and talked me through the entire session. I would without hesitation recommend Kylie to anyone interested in Reiki, especially first timers, as her approach is extremely welcoming, educating and calming.”

Kennedy S. - 21 - St. Louis, MO

My experience with Kylie was an eye opening one. I’m beyond excited to say that this was my first reiki session and I walked away feeling calm and balanced. She walked me through the entire process and what I should expect during and after the session which made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Her hands are undoubtedly those of a healer. I felt her energy transfer to me and instantly felt all the tension I’d built up begin releasing from my body. Her hands are AMAZING. I felt great walking away but I also felt the benefits more and more throughout the week.


Emily K. - 31 - St. Louis, MO

I had a completely miraculous experience with Kylie during a Reiki session. Up until this point, I had experienced Reiki as a spiritual practice and for emotional and mental well being. However, it was during a session with Kylie that I know  I experienced a physical healing. 

      I had recently been hiking and suffered a plague of tick bites. I had counted 53 bites all over my body. I had already completed 2 weeks of antibiotics to prevent Lyme disease, but I felt like I had been poisoned. It felt like some kind of allergic reaction. I was covered in itchy red rashes, I was exhausted, my neck felt stiff, and just generally fatigued. 
     During this session, I felt like I had gone into a deep meditation or trance. I felt especially relaxed. Then I felt a physical spasm in my stomach. It wasn’t painful, just like a jolt. And it seemed like I could feel the toxins leaving my body. My mind completely cleared of thoughts, and my relaxation deepened even further than before. 
     That was truly the end of my Lyme disease symptoms. Yes, I took a holistic approach, but the symptoms were so persistent and could have lasted 6 more months to a year. I am fully convinced that Kylie and Reiki, in that specific  moment, healed me.”

Jessica L.
13 reviews 9d ago

Kylie was wonderful! The first consultation she made me feel so at ease and provided great information Reiki and what to expect. After the first full session I can safely say I will be continuing to go to her for Reiki sessions, she takes her time to get know what you need from a session!

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“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without”


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