Living intentionally is another skill that takes practice. The daily art of setting an intention can cause dramatic shifts in perception and it can improve the quality of your day. This small act helps keep you focused and connected to Source (pure love, God, the Universe, etc). I have been setting an intention daily for quite some time now (as inspired by The Book of Joy and A Fearless Heart) and it has made all the difference – I can’t imagine a day without one! So if you’re interested in seeing the effects this small daily practice can have on your spiritual and everyday life, give this a shot!

Every day upon waking, before you leave the bed (or in the shower, or while making your coffee, etc.) ponder these questions: What do I wish to see happen in the course of the day? What is my deepest driving desire? What force do I wish propel into the universe? How do I want to feel? What do I wish to see happen for the benefit of all humanity? Sit for a few moments and see what comes up. (i.e. Today, may I not judge others; May I be filled with joy and compassion and spread that to everyone I come in contact with; May I have patience with my family members, etc)

Let this answer drive all the actions you take for that day. Remember it when ever you take any action or think troublesome thoughts. In this way, the results of your day will reflect your passions and intentions as coming from your heart. Watch the beauty unfold as you become a co-creator in the universe.

Keep intending,