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The warmest hello and welcome to Harmonize the Light, LLC! Here you will find peace and harmony to bring your body back into a state of natural healing. This is a place to have total healing and wellness in mind, body, and spirit. The body has a natural ability to heal itself. Through Holistic coaching, energy healing, mindfulness, meditation, positive life-style habits, and other practices, you can achieve total wellness! 

Any healing with Nurse Kylie allows for a safe and supportive, relaxing environment where the client can drop anything that no longer serves them and raise their energy to a higher vibration. In this way, they are able to gain clarity and reach new heights.

I hope you find balance and harmony in your life through this work. My goal is for you to achieve holistic (total mind-body-spirit) wellbeing. I am a health and wellness expert and natural born healer here to assist you on your path to total wellbeing. I am a Life Improvement Specialist and my vision is for everyone to live in their healthiest and highest version of themselves. I believe that self-care IS healthcare and that our health and wellbeing is in OUR hands. We have the power to take our health, healing, and mindset above and beyond that which conventional medicine does. I encourage you to join me as we empower healing from within, as opposed to seeking short-term remedies prescribed by others. The world is moving from a disease treatment model to one of health and wellness promotion and disease prevention; join the revolution!

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We accept cash, checks, all major credit cards, and Venmo or CashApp.

Disclaimer: Please ensure that this is a qualifying service before using your HSA/FSA account, as I cannot guarantee a card will not be declined. Card issuers are still at liberty to authorize or decline any payment as they would with any other type of credit card.

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For more information regarding any of the services listed above, please contact Kylie at harmonizethelight@gmail.com

Or call/text (636) 345-4013

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“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without”


Memberships and Certifications

Harmonize the Light, LLC is a member of the Mid County Chamber of Commerce in St. Louis, MO.

Harmonize the Light, LLC has completed WIBO training.

Kylie Chebahtah is insured through the Energy Medicine Professional Association.

Kylie is a member of the International Association of REIKI Professionals since 2019.

Kylie is a member of Healing Touch
Professional Association.


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